PBR Metal Textures is a collection of gloss textures I designed to use with real-time engines.
These are compression-free, high quality 2048*2048 maps of assorted scratched metal surfaces.



30+ Scratched Metal Textures

Use these Gloss Maps in your texturing program of choice or drag-and-drop the preset materials directly in Unity. Comes both in grayscale or in pre-rendered Spec+Gloss maps. Includes scratched, brushed and rough metal surfaces.

15 Metal Material References

Besides the premade materials preloaded with the textures, the package includes 15 extra references for different metals (such as copper, brass, gold) with physically-accurate values.

7 Demo Scenes

2 Material Showcases plus 5 Demo Scenes using custom models. Using only Unity post-effects, for you to use as a reference when setting up your own models, materials, lighting or scenes. Includes 4 custom models that you can also use commercially.


Gloss Maps: 32
Resolution: 2048×2048 (All Maps)
Demo Scenes: 7
Normal Maps: 8 (Cast Iron, Painted Metal, Wet Metal and their variants)
Metal Material References: 15
Models: 4





Any questions, suggestions and feedback, contact me at unity@fernandofagundes.com